Fusing is a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows customers to connect and automate their various applications, databases, APIs and workflows. We enable anyone to create integrations and to automate workflows without requiring extensive coding skills or I.T. support.

With fusing you can connect and automate virtually anything. Combine No-Code blocks for common tasks, with our exclusive Any-Code™ technology for NodeJS/Javascript (with Python, Java, Ruby & Go coming soon) to create automations that leverage the incredible work of the open-source community.

Fusing lets you connect and automate hundreds of applications, including popular tools such as Salesforce, Slack, Shopify, Google GMail and Sheets, and to automate workflows across these applications. Workflows can be initiated by specific events, such as a new lead in Salesforce, a new order in Shopify, or by a timer or webhook.

Super Powers For Your Team

Unleash the 10x developer/rockstar in you!

  • Fully Managed Infrastructure
  • Fully secure/encrypted authorizations
  • Fully secure and isolated automations/workflows
  • Leverage the amazing work of the open-source community

Fusing includes pre-built templates and application connectors for common use-cases, such as order processing, lead management, marketing and customer support. These templates can be customized using our intuitive workflow builder, to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Overall, Fusing helps you to improve efficiency and productivity, and will streamline your operation by automating repetitive tasks.

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Home Depot



Sales Force


We transitioned from Zapier to Fusing in 2023 and will never look back

Jason Blakely

Jason Blakely

Chief Technology Officer, Plumtic

My whole team loves this platform - Fusing.com helps us automate our entire marketing pipeline!

Johanna Watson

Johanna Watson

Marketing Manager, Chat Monkey

Super Powers For Your Team



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